Hi Ezinne,

Happy New Year to you and a well-written article, as always. I wonder though, what you think of Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton.

Early last month, The Daily Telegraph published an interview, a rare interview with Carole, who has never given an interview. A few days later, The Sunday Mail wrote, asking why Mrs. Middleton decided to allow a journalist into her home, to be interviewed now.

But they concluded it had to do with Megan. That ever since Megan’s mother, Doria Ragland was offered an unexpected hand by Prince Charles, when leaving her seat after the wedding church ceremony, the British public had slightly softened its opinion of the man, as they thought this gesture to be very human, which it was.

Charles’ liking for Doria and the fact that she was almost invited for Christmas lunch with the Queen, was considered way too much for Carole. The Sunday Mail says Carole has always been on good behavior when it comes to the media but has yet to be invited by the Queen for Christmas lunch.

The Mail surmised that the arrival of Megan and her mother has clearly upset the applecart, as Carole wants to make the point that she is, after all, a successful business woman. But it would be good to know your opinion of this.

I love to read and write about life

I love to read and write about life